Good News at AMC Theatres

by | Dec 23, 2022 | News

AMC Theatres for You and Me

We have great news to share! AMC Theatres has committed to including our families by offering better for you, allergy friendly, vegan and gluten free snack options! Homefree “treats you can trust” Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies are now one of the new options available for snacking at the movies.

So often, we hear stories about large companies not meeting the needs of our food-allergic families. Those stories are certainly important. Yet I think it is even more important to bring attention to positive, encouraging stories. Sometimes, a company is a shining light showing us what is possible. AMC is that light today.

When large companies lead the way by deciding to safely include our families, it lets us know that we matter to them. Rob Bennett, Director Food & Beverage at AMC Theatres, created this program because meeting our needs is truly important to him and to his company. And he selected Homefree cookies as an ideal selection for their vision: “At AMC we are committed to offering products that allow for all of our guests to indulge while at the movies. Homefree cookies are a great addition, because not only are they top 9 allergen free but they are also delicious!”

Forward thinking, inclusive initiatives such as these give us hope and encourage us to keep working toward change. They create a model within their own industries as well as for other industries. We, too, can make a difference here: Let’s support AMC Theatres for choosing us. We can do that by choosing them, as well as by purchasing the new snacks they are offering, and by spreading the word. This will encourage AMC Theatres to keep, and potentially expand, this inclusive initiative. It will also encourage other companies to follow suit.

Happy munching at the movies!

Jill Robbins, Homefree Founder/President & the Homefree Crew


Enjoy a movie at your local AMC Theatre! Get your Homefree cookies then, or

On the AMC website select order now, then choose the category “treats”,
then select lifestyle snacks, and order your Homefree cookies!

AMC Theatres for You and Me

AMC has posted a blog (1/20/23) about their better for you inclusive snack initiative, with a focus on Homefree Cookies! Read it here:

Written by Jill Robbins