Homefree is a winner of Google’s Single Use Plastics Challenge

by | Nov 20, 2023 | Uncategorized

We’re proud to announce that Homefree “treats you can trust” is a Single-Use Plastics Challenge Winner, hosted by Google. As part of this Challenge, we had the opportunity to test our products in select Google cafes and MicroKitchens. The goal of this Challenge was to bring together users and suppliers with plastic-free food packaging and to spread the word about how these products can benefit not just Google, but the whole food industry.

Homefree was selected as a finalist/winner largely because we’re offering bulk options, thereby reducing packaging overall, and because we’re selecting more sustainable materials. For example, we’re working on transitioning the wrap for our mini cookies to a material that is 53% made from reworked food grade materials that otherwise would have ended up in landfills. Additionally, we have a focus on sustainability throughout our manufacturing process. Our long-term commitment to sustainability is evidenced by our certification as a B Corporation, whereby each action we take is measured and evaluated quantitatively.  As part of the Google challenge, we sent mini cookies for tasting, and the Google tasters loved them! We also sent large soft cookies and brownies (so good!), new items we are launching in foodservice! Of course, the new items, like the mini cookies, are delicious, better for you (all that whole grain goodness), and gluten free, top 14 allergen free, kosher pareve and vegan, to make it easy to include people with food allergies and other dietary restrictions and lifestyle choices. See our 1 minute video at: https://www.instagram.com/p/Cz4S7TLOvQU/

As a winner, we were invited to Google Seattle to present to Google and others in the foodservice industry about our sustainability initiatives as part of a mutual effort to facilitate a shift within foodservice. We also had the opportunity to connect with other change makers and learn about their efforts to make a difference. It was so inspiring! The other 8 winners were all standouts selected from about 350 applicant companies. These winners are exciting, innovative companies working on solutions that make a difference. This includes Incredible Eats (www.i-eats.com), making delicious, edible utensils to replace those plastic ones at fast food eateries, Climate Candy at www.climatecandy.com, saving end-of-life fruits from the landfill where they would otherwise create the methane that leads to global warming, and instead putting it into nourishing fruit-filled candy, and Eco Refill Systems (www.ecorefillsystems.com), creating a system of bulk food bins that get returned to the manufacturer for refilling. Get to know the other winners, too, at www.tagpods.comwww.kdcsi.comwww.sunandswellfoods.comwww.lloliware.com  and www.pulppantry.com. I hope you’ll look at all these websites to learn more about these inspiring companies. See all the winners’ videos at https://goo.gle/sup-challenge.

And if you want even more inspiration, let’s look at Google! Prior to this competition, I admit I didn’t know much about Google. Just my common use of their search and map tools on the Internet and that they provide food to their employees. But as I have come to learn more, my response is “Wow!” This is a company that really cares about their employees and about making a positive difference in the world. Did you know that they pay their employees to work on projects such mitigating climate change and decreasing food insecurity? This Single Use Plastics Challenge is an example of the difference this can make.

When I first learned about Google’s Single Use Plastics Challenge, I felt moved by Google’s actions and commitment. I felt hope. The scale of the potential impact is so large, and so important. We can each work on sustainability personally, at a local level, and I do, and we can make a difference through the choices we make as manufacturers, and we most certainly do that too. And both of those are important. But for an internationally recognized company to make a major commitment to bring attention and support to sustainable efforts and innovations, and to mobilize other impactful companies to shift as well, that’s how powerful, rapid change is created. I feel so grateful, and proud, that Homefree is part of it.

We are all partners in change, and together, we can have a positive, meaningful impact.

Written by Jill Robbins